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Rustic Spud aims to keep our cocktail and wine list seasonal and fresh. We are constantly updating our drink recipes and pushing boundaries when it comes to unique and delicious cocktails for our guests' enjoyment. 

Though we boast an excellent range of delicious cocktails, our talented bar staff have the experience and imaginative capacity to build you the drink you seek- even if it's not on our menu.

The rustic, down-home atmosphere of our bar is home to folks from near and far. Many tales have been told and many incredible memories have been made.


Our friendly staff are great company and are eager to serve you!


We are offering a selection of tallboy beers and ciders to order along with your take out! We are also offering our selection of red, white and rose wines to pair with your take out meal!

Tallboys available in:

Assorted 4 pack

Assorted 6 pack

Wines available by the bottle.

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